Ski Park Lake as viewed from above - Orting, WA“This is Paradise.”
Barbara Canfield - Western Regionals Competitor 2001/2008

It's true.   There is a perfect water ski site where simply by buying time you get the control of a lake owner.  How great is that? Really great considering that Ski Park Lake is a top-caliber water ski lake.  Here are some facts to consider:

  1. Optimal size.  At 2200’ long, 240’ to 320’ wide and 5.5’ to 6’ deep, Ski Park’s dimensions are optimal for maximizing your skiing.  There is plenty of setup time for slalom at each end yet the beautifully maintained grounds are close enough to keep your depth perception razor sharp.
  2. Exceptionally wind protected.  Located deep in a valley Ski Park rarely sees significant winds.  For you?  Consistent quality practice.
  3. Immaculately graded shorelines.  Sloped just right at a 10 to 1 grade with 2” to 4”crushed gravel backwash is all but eliminated.
  4. Accuracy.  Ski Park’s courses are likely the most surveyed in the state.  You’ll know you’re practicing under true “tournament” conditions.
  5. One of the golf greens at Ski Park Lake - Orting, WAReliable water supply.  Dry summer?  No problem.  Ski Park’s production well keeps water levels consistent all year long.
  6. Availability.  Ski Park is open year round for the skiing enthusiast.
  7. Three tournaments this year.  Want to test your skills?  What could be better than skiing a tournament on your home site?
  8. Relaxation.  Want to play a few holes of golf after your incredible ski runs?  Enjoy Ski Park’s golf course at no extra charge.  Of course you’ll have it to yourself too…just like the (um, your) lake.
  9. And of course, the biggest benefit of all - no waiting! The time you rent is yours exclusively.  You choose who you want to ski with.  The lake is exclusively yours for your timeslot.

This is just a start on the reasons that Ski Park is such an incredibly unique experience for you and you group.  But don’t take our word for it.

“If you closed your eyes and imagined the perfect water ski site it would be just like Ski Park Lake.”
2002 Western Regional Championships Competitor

The slalom course at Ski Park Lake - Orting, WA

How good is Ski Park?  Good enough to be selected to host the Western Regional Water Ski Championships not once but twice! Yes, in 2001 and 2008 Ski Park hosted the 13 Western states with over 400 competitors each time.   And plenty of records were set in Ski Park’s exceptionally controlled conditions.

How detail-oriented were we about Ski Park Lake’s design?  Well, as an example, since the North Island is 50’ closer to the slalom entry gates we angled the island an extra 2 degrees to match the boat’s path just to make sure that boat wakes were kept to an absolute minimum.

Your records are waiting to be broken.  Join us and see how a top-quality water ski site can take your skiing to new heights.  You’ll be glad you did!

Do yourself a favor.  Check out Ski Park Lake to see just how far you can take your water skiing fun.  Give us a call at 253.228.0134 or 253.381.5052 and we’d be happy to show you the incredible beauty and awesome skiing available nearby, or contact us online. We look forward to hearing from you!


Greg Horn
Membership Director (253.228.0134)

Scott Vanderflute
Grounds Superintendant (253.381.5052)

And the Ski Park Partners

P.S.  Join us now to take your skiing to its highest level. When Ski Park is exclusively yours great things happen on the water!